Anna Nicole Clown Video

February 22nd, 2007

Have you seen this wacked out video of Anna on drugs acting like a clown?

This is just twisted OMG

This is submitted by a man who claims to have been her personal assistant. Dur to the anonymity I am suspect but to even release this statement is twisted.

Bel Air, CA

I was a personal assistant for Anna Nicole Smith for about 11 weeks. It was a great job and she was a very pleasant and generous woman. I handled many of her personal tasks that ranged from picking up her dry cleaning, caring for her dog, arranging meals, household errands, etc.

I would like to disclose something to the general public that will eventually be exposed anyhow. One day as I was cleaning her kitchen after she had entertained guests for the evening something very very unusual happened.

It was the morning after and all of her overnight visitors had already left so I assumed that her and I were the only ones on the property when I heard noises from her bedroom. Out of concern I walked up to her master bedroom to notice that her bedroom door was slightly closed but open enough to partially see inside. As soon as I noticed that she was engaged in a sexual episode I quietly walked back to the kitchen as not to invade on her privacy.

Several hours had past and keep in mind there were no other visitors in the house except her and I and her “partner”. I eventually moved on to cleaning other areas of the house when I happened to come across her bedroom and this time her bedroom door was wide open. This is what I saw. You draw your own conclusions but this is only what I saw.

I noticed several items of clothing scattered about and Anna Nicole Smith was in a very sexually explicit embrace partially under the covers and partially exposed with her son embracing her fully nude body. As this went on I was shocked to see that Anna Nicole had noticed that I had viewed them but suprisingly she did not alert her son to this while they were in the midst of their physical activities.

I eventually had a quiet talk with Anna Nicole later on that day in private and she let me go saying that she no longer needed my services. She was nice enough to let me depart with a very generous bonus.

I am a struggling male writer in L.A. and for me to just say all that I have written here in public would expose me to lots of ridicule and needless skepticism that would conflict with my life as an aspiring writer.