Paris Exposed

January 30th, 2007

This is from a big fan
It’s her lifestyle, I don’t know anyone in real life who is an heiress. I always wanted to know about the life about someone rich and famous, the small details, like what their schedule looks like, the faxes from the agents/producers, their contracts, business arrangements etc

I wouldn’t care if it was just someone who is rich, but the fact that she’s in the public eye and famous makes it more interesting. I find it fascinating that she can get paid one million dollars for making ONE public appearance, I find it fascinating that she can be famous for doing NOTHING.

It is true that she has the Hilton name and her first sex tape which made her more notorious, but not EVERYONE can parlay a sex tape into fame and fortune. For example Nicole Narain was a playboy model who made a tape with Colin Farell which went around the net and I don’t see HER becoming famous.
No one knows of or cares about her.

In a way I think it’s even admirable to become rich and famous for doing nothing because so many people cannot even achieve fame and fortune when they are extremely talented. In a way it is unfortunate that people more talented than Paris can’t get recognized but to me that just means that Paris is just better at portraying the right “image” to the media and working the press in such a way that she gets all the attention. I really think she’s constantly acting to create this “ditzy princess persona” because her REAL speaking voice I heard on the tapes is completely different than the baby voice she likes to use in interviews.

I also don’t think that she’s that slutty. If I had a camcorder I would be recording all sorts of embarassing stuff too, and her first sex tape was with her long term boyfriend, and the second tape is not even a sex tape, there’s no sex!! She was only topless in the second tape and the guy is her ex-fiance!! People that sell porn are hypocritical when they deem her “slutty” when gfy has polls like “How many girls have you slept with?” and guys are eager to say: “100” etc

I relate to her beause she seems like a normal person, I always see papparazi shots of her doing things like going to the grocery store and running errands and it makes me think anyone has the potential to become rich and famous, even if that might not be the case.

I only sell porn for a living, you better believe it if I could make millions from doing public appearances and promotions I would do it in a heartbeat! People who sell porn who deem her as “doing nothing” are hypocritical because I think to the “average American person” selling porn is also “doing nothing”, so it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

I also like her cause she’s a hustler. And I like her because she’s an underdog and everyone loves to hate her. I like people that everyone hate because sometimes I feel like that’s me (I feel like everyone hates me), so I can kind of relate.

I’m not interested in her sexually or anything, I’m actually a girl. I also think she dresses cute!

I think this site is way bigger than porn because there’s both males and females joining. Guys are looking for the nudity and Paris has lots of female fans or if not fans, just people who are interested in her as a trainwreck, or fascinated with her life.

People are usually interested in the lives of celebs like Paris because their own lives are mundane and boring. Looking into the more exciting lives of others gives them some excitement. This may also be the case with me

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